We do the work that keeps you from the real work, practicing law and serving your clients!

Legal Back Office partners with small to mid-sized law firms. We offer an outsourced back office team that will run the business side of your firm while you focus on practicing law, growing your client base and serving your clients.

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Legal Back Office

What We Offer

From law firm bookkeeping, client invoicing, and past-due collections to benefit administration, payroll processing, employee handbook creation, web design, and even strategic planning; Legal Back Office wants to be your strategic and operational business partner. We offer all of the law firm back office services you need to run your business.

Why Partner with us?

We exist to help attorneys and law firms achieve positive results. We are a strategic and operational business partner that will maximize your time, improve your financial performance and give you peace of mind that the business side of your practice is taken care of. More time, more money, and less stress. You can’t afford not to schedule a free consultation with us!

Things you can count on from Legal Back Office:

  • Phenomenal customer service.
  • Great communication.
  • Excellent work products.
  • Genuine care for you and your business.
Back Office Partnership for lawyers

Our Mission:
We do the work that keeps attorneys from the real work,
practicing law and serving their clients