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Do you want your law firm to grow or get a feeling your business could be so much more, but you just don’t know where to start? Let us meet with you and assist with identifying strategic and operational opportunities that will meet your personal and professional goals. We have a breadth and depth of experience within the legal industry as well as a track record of success in helping law firms succeed!

After recently consulting with a mid-sized firm in St. Louis, an Office Manager shared that our consulting led to a 12-hour savings per month for her job role! That is 12 hours that can be spent adding value for clients which results in happier customers, employees and better revenue gains!

Our business consulting hours will be dedicated to the areas you feel will have the biggest impact on your business. Contact us for a custom quote!

Our consulting services include:

  • Process Improvement
  • Hourly business consulting
  • Interim Executive Assignments
  • Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Sustained competitive advantage is the real goal with strategic planning and many businesses struggle to grasp this. The traditional Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) model doesn’t account for the reality that many of these categories overlap and our greatest strengths can be our greatest weaknesses. It also doesn’t assess where strengths can be copied and the reality that rivals may have the same or similar SWOTs.

We have a “Resource-Based Approach” or “VRIO” which asks about the…
Value of resources/capabilities that allow maximization of an opportunity or minimalization of a threat, Rarity of these resources, Imitatability, and Organization of the firm to leverage these resources and capabilities.

Legal Back Office can also facilitate 1 hour monthly meetings and create follow-up reporting for a consulting rate of £250/hour.

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